The Gallery Salon & Spa

6312 Argonne Blvd.

New Orleans, LA 70124

(Behind Velvet Cactus in Lakeview)
(504) 482-2219

Mon: 11 am - 6 pm & Tues: Closed

Wed-Thurs: 10 am - 6 pm

Fri-Sat: 10 am- 6 pm

*Closed Easter Sunday 4/1/18 

Massage Therapy

You'll feel like royalty when you treat yourself to a massage. There is something for everyone with our extensive range of exceptional massages. We do offer off-site massage therapy in the Lakeview area as well. Please call for these pricing options.

The Gallery Signature Massage

Your massage therapist will customize your treatment with various massage techniques and pressures to suit your specific needs. This massage combines Swedish and deep tissue techniques.

     • 60 minutes • $80

• Off-Site • $120 (Within 5 miles)

     • 90 minutes • $115     • Off-Site • $140 (Within 5 miles)

 Relaxing - Massage Therapy

Couples' Signature Massage

The Gallery Signature Couples' Massage for two includes Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques in a large open room together. We will also provide champagne and chocolates for a romantic feel plus calming music to be perfectly at peace. You also have the option to use the new steam shower afterwards for two that helps detox, destress and rinse off the massage cream/oil.

     • 60 minutes • $220 total      • 90 minutes • $300 total

Detoxifying Deep Tissue Massage

This firm massage technique alleviates muscle tension and restores flexibility. It is designed to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, as well as ease your tired joints, while promoting a self-healing process.

     • 60 minutes • $90


 • Off-Site • $140

   (Within 5 miles)

     • 90 minutes • $125

    • Off-Site • $160

     (Within 5 miles)

Healing Warm Stone Massage

This is the perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension. This relaxing massage incorporates deep heat therapy with smooth polished stones. This massage is not recommended for clients with high blood pressure or health conditions that may prohibit heated treatments.

• 90 minutes • $120

Mother-to-Be Massage

This full-body Swedish massage is designed specifically for expecting mothers. It increases circulation and reduces fatigue, and eases aches in the back, shoulders, and neck that may be caused by increased weight and shifting postures. This massage is not advised during the first trimester.

• 60 minutes • $90

Body Treatment

This full-body treatment increases circulation, detoxes the body, and refines the skin. Perfect for those who spend lots of time in the sun. Choose from several scents to be exfoliated with then take a relaxing shower. Final stages includes intense hydration to send you on your way feeling your best. This is a great add on to any massage service as well. 

• 30 minutes • $75 / $50 when combined with any massage service

• Add on Self Tan Treatment • 15 min • $25

Contact us to request an appointment.